Questions About God

1.)  If God has a divine plan/blueprint for the Universe, his plans cannot be changed. If everything works to accomplish God's plan, how does man have free will? - RFinleySr

[Note: Some pastors do not believe we have free-will at all.]

2.) When the believer gets to Heaven, how can Heaven be utter bliss when people they love and care about are burning in Hell? - RFinleySr

[Note: Some say God erases your memories of them, but if God erases your memory, you as Mr. Joe /Jane Smoe ceases to exist.]

3.) How can a God have emotions, i.e. jealousy, anger, sadness, love, etc., if he is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent? Emotional states are reactionary for the most part. How can God react to us if he is all-knowing and has a divine plan? - RFinleySr

[Note: Indeed, many religious texts display their gods this way.]

4.) Why would god send anyone to hell? Based on the belief that god is perfect, then it stands to reason that a perfect being would create only perfection, so I and everyone/thing is perfect and exactly what god wanted. If the perfect being CHOSE to create anything other than perfection - that's his choice, not my fault. - Kandi

[Note: Indeed Kandi, Jesus was also supposedly created perfect. I have heard some iterate that Jesus couldn't sin because he was perfect. Sounds as if we were created imperfectly.]

5.) "God is merciful," we hear quite often. Wouldn't it be more merciful of God to simply snap sinners out of existence rather than send them to hell? Or better yet not create them at all? - RFinleySr

6.) Muslims are supposed to pray 5 times a day, which is based on the position on the Sun. Does this mean that Muslims are stuck on Earth and can't travel in space? - RFinleySr

[Note: Since this was first posted, a Muslim astronaut was faced with this very dilemma. The authoritative clergy informed him to pray as he normally would. I see this no where in the Koran. You see? Religions must change, or die out.]

7.) Why haven't we seen a god reattach a severed head or restore someone who was burned alive? Surely this would be an easy feat to accomplish. - Adam Majors

[Note: The typical answer is that man doesn't dictate God's actions. The conundrum here however is that, if God wants us to "know" him, then surely feats such as those mentioned above would be happening all over the world. Until they do, I'll remain an atheist.]

8.) Why does God entrust the spreading of 'His' word to sinners? Why doesn't he do it himself? - RFinleySr

[Note: Surely God would have known that not everyone would be convinced by the reality[sic] of his Bible. If God loves us so much, we are all going to Heaven. If God knew that I would be an atheist, and he doesn't like atheists, he shouldn't have allowed me to come into existence. But he did. Therefore, I must be serving the will of God, for I exist.:)]

9.) In II Kings 2-23/24 we read about God sending 2 bears to maul 42 children to death for the sin of calling a guy bald. Is this the Christian morality concept we hear so much about? -- Brandon

[Note: I have heard some argue that the boys were a gang. So?! I didn't read anywhere in that passage where they laid a finger on the guy.]

10.) I have often heard from many believers that even Satan has a presence in the church, which is why even in church people can still have impure thoughts. If Satan can find his way in the church, how do Christians know that Satan didn't find his way into the Bible and twist the whole book? - RFinleySr

11.) Why did God allow Lot and his daughters to escape from Sodom and Gomorra when he destroyed it only to later have Lot and his daughters engage in incestuous fornication. (Genesis 19:30-36) - Disillusioned

[Note: To have intercourse with daddy dearest of course.]

12.) Genesis 1:28-29 shows that man and all the animals were first created herbivorous. Most young-earth Christians (ones that believes the earth is less than 10,000 years old) say that the fall of man resulted in carnivorous animals (hence death of animals). So, why did God punish the animal kingdom, making animals kill and devour each other because of man's mistake? Or, if you're an old-earth Christian (one that accepts that animals existed on earth for billions of years before man came on the scene) then how come fossils show carnivorous animals existed before man?

13.) Many believers assert that God is a thinking being, that he solves problems and makes a way for them when troubles come. Does God Think? If God is thinking, did he know his thoughts before he thought them? If so, again, where is his freewill and how is God thinking at all if everything seems to be one uncontrollable action/thought. - RFinleySr

[Note: I'd say a God cannot think at all. To do so, would strip him of omniscience. I would argue that "thinking" is a temporal process.]

14.) I have often heard that faith is all that is neccessary to believe in God and accept the Bible as true. If this is true aren't all supernatural beliefs true since they also require "faith"? - RFinleySr  

    ON FAITH: 
    1.) A prerequisite to believe in a Faith is faith.
    2.) Having faith is all that is required to accept a Faith (belief) as true.
    3.) All Faiths are true.

[Note: Of course all Faiths aren`t true, but this is the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from a person that states that, "Faith" is how one knows God.]

15.) Why didn't God just kill Adam and Eve after the Fall and start from scratch? Actually, if God is all-knowing wouldn't he know that man would need to be killed eventually anyway, (the biblical flood)? Why create Adam and Eve at all? -Al Scarlata and RFinleySr

16.) If a spirit is non-physical but the human body is physical, how does a spirit stay in our bodies? - RFinleySr

    1.) Spirits are not physical entities.
    2.) Brains are physical entities.
    3.) Past experiences are stored in our physical brains, we call that, Memory.
    4.) Injury can damage portions of the physical brain that store memory and can alter or erase memories completely.
    5.) If human spirits exist... after death, spirits can have no memory.

[Note: Some will say the spirit stores physical memories as well, but if true, the spirit would have to be physical at least to a degree. How could a non-physical spirit store, physical memories?]

17.) Does God know his own future decisions? If God is all-knowing he actually shouldn't have any decisions to make at all. Nor can he choose anything over something else. For that would mean that he is neither omniscient nor omnipotent. In fact, he can't even think if this is the case. Since he can't DO anything, he might as well not exist. - RFinleySr

18.) If God is all-knowing, how could he be disappointed in His creation? -

[Note: Indeed, wouldn't God know that before the creation of our Universe what creatures would disappoint him? That being the case why create those creatures at all? Also, in knowing absolutely the behavior of humans before creation, God cannot be disappointed either... for this world is exactly as he has planned it to be. If it's not, why create us at all?]

19.) God struck down the Tower of Babel angry at the intent of the people that built them, if this is the case, many of the great pyramids (which are bigger than any ziggurat) around the world should be rubble also, yet many still stand today. Were not the Egyptians and many other ancient pyramid builders reaching toward God /The Heavens? - RFinleySr

[Note: In actuality, many of the Pharaoh's believed that, via their pyramids, they would become gods themselves.]

20.) In the watchmaker analogy, a watch is used to show us intelligent design and compares that to the Universe as evidence of design. We know watches are designed because we have past experience with watches, as well as with other man made objects. My question is: What Universe is the Intelligent Design proponent using to compare this Universe with to draw such an analogy? What God did he see create a Universe? - RFinleySr

21.) Why did God flood the earth to remove evil? It didn't work! Evil came right back, God should have known that would happen! So why did He bother? - PhineasBg

[Note: A good example of how quickly sin returned, was Noah getting drunk just after they discovered land.]

* If the garden of Eden was a perfect paradise as xians claim, then why did Eve even want to eat the fruit? Wouldn't a perfect place provide everything a person would want or desire and thus she would want nothing? - keyser soze

[Note: Why were the trees there in the first place? Of course they love to throw the serpent into the equation. But ummm..who let the serpent into the Garden?... and why would God create such a creature knowing he would cause man's fall? Hmm.. God must have wanted the fall to happen?]

22.) Why would an all-powerful god become flesh in order to sacrifice himself to himself so that his creation might escape the wrath of himself. Couldn't god, in his infinite wisdom, come up with something a little more efficient?

23.) After 9/11 a lot of people have been tossing around " god bless america". Why do they keep saying this? From the looks of it god hasn't blessed anything. If god had blessed america, the 9/11 event would've never happened. Theists seem to give the answer of "everything is part of gods big plan". If everything is part of gods big plan, why are we after Bin Laden? Wasn't he and other terrorists just carrying out gods desired plan? So it seems that Bin Laden/ terrorism isnt our enemy, but god .

[Note: Unfortunately, some believe they are fulfilling their God's plan by going to war.]

24.) Christians say that God is NOT the author of confusion. Can you say, Tower of Babel? - The Screaming Monkeys

25.) If Noah's flood supposedly covered the earth for a year, regardless of whether or not all the animals could fit on the ark, what the heck happened to all the plants? Can you imagine a cactus surviving under 4 miles of water for a year? I can't either! - Kyle Giblet

[Note: With God all things are possible. Oh wait, except in Judges 1:19.]

26.) The highest rainfall ever recorded in a 24 hour period was 47inches in the Reunion Islands in 1947 (during a severe tropical storm). To cover the whole earth to a depth of 5.6 miles, and cover the mountain tops (i.e. Mount Everest), it would need to rain at a rate of 372 (three hundred and seventy two) inches per hour, over the entire surface of the earth. Can rain fall at such an astronomical rate? Where did all the water come from?? Where did it all go to??? And would not the dynamics of the earth be so out of balance (tides etc.) that the earth would become so unstable that it would wobble off into outer space???? -

27.) What do Muslim women get in Heaven? - RFinley

[Note: Some Muslims I have interviewed about this say that Muslim women will get the same thing men get or equal value. :) Oh really? So Muslim women will get 60+ virgin men? If Muslim men get 60+ virgins, where are all these virgin women coming from? What of their free will? Is Allah creating these women to be slaves to the men in Paradise?]

28.) In the "Last Days" Jesus is supposed to appear in the clouds. How are the Christians on the opposite end of the world going to see him? Are there going to be millions of Jesus'? What about people that work underground? - Amber Finley

29.) The Bible says that God is a jealous God . How is this an example of a moral absolute of which man is supposed to follow? - RFinleySr

30.) A true Muslim man is not supposed to do anything that the prophet Muhammad didn't do. If one remembers there was a big debate over whether or not Muslims should eat Mangos. If this is true, why in the Hell were these Islamic Fundamentalists flying airplanes? - RFinleySr

31.) If the earth was covered by a complete global flood, every living creature killed except those surviving on the ark, why are there many completely unique animal species in Australia that are found no where else indigenously on the earth?

32.) If god is omniscient and " god is love," why would he allow a child to be conceived, knowing that that child would one day reject him and spend eternity burning in a lake of fire?- TiredTurkeyProd

33.) Revelations is supposed to take place on Earth. What if we colonize the moon or Mars or inhabit a self-sustaining space station? Do we escape "judgement"? -- Ray Sommers

[Note: No we don't Ray... and of course we all know that if there is any intelligent life out there besides us, they are all going to Hell too. ;)]

34.) Isaiah 40:28 says, "...the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is he weary?" If this is true, why did God rest on the seventh day?- RFinleySr

35.) Everytime I go to a funeral the preacher and guests always say that " God " has called that person to Heaven or they say, " God said it was time to come home", or some such variation. If God is calling these people "home", why are we putting the murderers of these victims in prison? How can we punish a man or woman for doing God's will? - RFinleySr

36.) Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? - RFinleySr

[Note: No, yet, so many Christian book publishers depict them as having them.]

37.) Traditional Jews utilize Yahweh or (YHWH) Jahovah, as Gods name because his true name is supposedly unpronounceable. My question is, how can it be possible that people are using the Lords name in vain when no one can even pronounce it? - RFinleySr

38.) Does God have a gender? In most churches, God is predominately referred to as a "he"? - RFinleySr

[Note: The Bible says God is male, but what does this mean? Does God have a penis? Does he have hormones that dictate his gender? :)]

39.) Why can't we wait until we get to Heaven to worship God? - RFinleySr

40.) What is the purpose of prayer? What can a finite being on Earth possibly tell an omnipotent, omniscient deity that he doesn't know already? - RFinleySr

41.) Some say Jesus was the all-knowing God. Jesus would have known then that when he died he'd be in heaven in less than 3 days to rule. If Jesus is alive and ruling today, what did he sacrifice? -- Cyndy Hammond

42.) God knows that men are sinners, untrustworthy and evil, why does God leave it up to fallible man (clergy..etc) to teach others about his word? Why would he put our eternal souls at risk if he loves us so much? - RFinleySr and Danno778

43.) Did Adam have nipples? If so, how did he acquire them? In fact, why would God give "later man" nipples at all? They serve no purpose other than lactation. Some say pleasure. Where is that in Genesis exactly? All mammals have nipples as well, are theirs pleasureful for them too? Many men don't find their nipples pleasurable at all. - RFinleySr

44.) How did Adam and Eve know it was wrong to disobey God if they hadn't eaten of the tree of knowledge (of good and evil) yet? You can't blame them if they didn't know. - RFinleySr

45.) If God has such a tremendous problem with uncircumcised penises, why did he make man with foreskin in the first place? - RFinleySr 

[Note: Some say, "So God can recognize his chosen people." Recognize? Is God so stupid that he has to physically look at men's penises? If not God, do other men need to? Huh?

46.) If reincarnation is real, why is it that our population is growing? Where would the extra "souls" come from? -- Matt Edwards

47.) Did Noah have fish onboard? Salt or Fresh? Since fresh water fish would die in salt, and salt water fish would die in fresh, only one type of fish would survive. Yet....?" - Frank Monaco

48.) Why does the omnipotent, omnipresent God need help from man or angels to spread his word or do acts? - RfinleySr

[Note: Some say God doesn't need help. But apparently he does.]

49.) How did Jesus ascend to Heaven in the Flesh when Paul says that flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven? (1 Cor.15:50) - RFinleySr

[Note: Some say that Paul said this and not Jesus. So Paul is wrong here?]

50.) If God wants us to live right and choose "the good," why did he create evil? (Isaiah 45:6,7) Not to mention he already knows which people are not going to choose "the good" so why create those people in the first place? It seems that many people are born to go to Hell. - RFinleySr

51.) I hear Christians all the time speaking of a spiritual war between Heaven and Hell, if this is true does God have limitations of power? Man only conducts wars because of our limitations of power, resources, and foresight. If God has no limitations, then there is no reason for war of any kind. - RFinleySr

52.) The Bible is full of phrases beginning with, "and the lord saw". Didn't he know before hand? - RFinleySr

53.) How can a psychologist condone belief in something not proven to exist, when people are put into mental institutions on a daily basis for the same thing? i.e. aliens, fairies, imaginary people (Multiple Personality Disorders..)? - Dan Denton

[Note: I'm sure that some of the pious believe that they are improperly placed there as well Dan. :)]

54.) If Christians say they know God exists and that he will work miracles, what do they need faith for? Faith is not knowing. - RFinleySr

55.) Brain transplants will eventually be possible, where would the soul be then? - RFinleySr

56.) If God really wants us to know him, why doesn't he place the knowledge of him in our minds at birth? The same way many theists believe that God implants our sense of right and wrong in us a right birth. - RFinleySr

57.) If God was Jesus' father (not Joseph), then why is Jesus' family tree traced through Joseph? -- Cyndy Hammond

58.) What image of God was man made from? Couldn't have been a moral one or physical one. - RFinleySr

[Note: One would expect that an image of God would be perfect and cannot sin.]

59.) Why can't God appear before everyone at the same time? Everyone in the world would then "know" he exists and not have solely "believe". - RFinleySr

[Note: Some have said, "He already tried that." Surely a God knows exactly what to do to convince a measly human of his existence?

60.) If god cast the devil into hell and hell is a place for eternal punishment from which even god cannot seem to grant a pardon, then why do the preachers tell us the devil is walking up and down the hallways of high schools tempting teenagers to do drugs and have pre-marital sex? A warden who allows his prisoners the freedom to go out and kill and rape would be terminated for incompetence. -

61.) According to the New Testament Matthew 5:17 says "Do not suppose that I have come to abolish the Law and the prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to complete. I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has Happened." So since Jesus has not returned the "Law" is still in effect, so why aren't we still burning witches, stoning adulterers and disobedient children, killing homosexuals, ostracizing people that work on the Sabbath (nurses, doctors etc.), flinging blood onto the horns of the alter, pulling off the heads of small birds, and don't forget human sacrifice to God (Leviticus 27 P.28 )? -- Sheila L. Chambers

62.) If there is free will in Heaven yet everyone has chosen good and is happy, isn't that proof that God could have made us with a free will, choosing good ( God ) and still being happy on Earth? - Dennis Hendrix

[Note: In other words, evil didn't have to exist after all. Hey wait, even in Heaven apparently, evil can exist. At least for a short while. Satan became evil and was in heaven. Apparently he even had enough time to form an Army against God. Wow. Maybe Heaven won't be as peaceful as many believe.]

63.) Why does God have a plan? Man is limited in power so we make plans because we are not all-knowing nor all-powerful. If God has a plan, isn't he reduced to a mere finite being? - RFinleySr

64.) How could the all-merciful/loving God watch billions of his children burn over and over again for eternity? - RFinleySr

[Note: Of course this is geared to those that believe in a fiery hell. I am well aware that not all Christians believe in a fiery Hell.]

65.) Before reading and writing were invented (5000BC), on what basis did God use to judge the people who died before the Hebrew and Greek text (BIBLE) were written? --

[Note: They are all roasting in Hell.]

66.) Many Christians tell me that I will "burn in hell". If I have a soul, how can a soul burn? Aren't souls non-physical entities? - RFinleySr

[Note: Some Christians groups believe that you will be given new bodies after judgement. However, if true, what's the significance of a spirit in the first place?]

67.) How can one hold to the barbaric belief that something has to DIE in order to appease a god for a bad deed? -- Nickolaus Wing

[Note: Because an ancient old book says so Nick.]

68.) Why does SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) occur? Why would God allow a baby to live for such a short period of time? Why not just let them not be born in the first place? -- Terry Clark

69.) If Jesus was nailed and died on Friday evening, and walked out of the tomb on Sunday morning, where's the 3rd NIGHT he predicted? Per Matthew 12:40: For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. -

70.) Some Christians claim that hell is merely existence outside of God's presence (C.S. Lewis among others). If this is the case, then Jesus could not have descended into hell (being God Himself). As a result, are you sure your sins are forgiven? - Byron Bultsma

 Ten to twenty percent of all women who discover they are pregnant suffer a miscarriage. Also, it is estimated that anywhere from 14 to 50 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Seeing this is all part of God 's plan, does this make God the world's number one abortion provider? - Jim

72.) What if, when you get to Heaven, you saw God causing pain and suffering out of anger or for the purpose of entertaining himself. What if he required people in heaven to praise and worship him non-stop even to the point of causing his worshipers discomfort, pain and boredom. What if, when he was bored, angry, or jealous, he would create natural disasters to make himself feel better. Would you still follow him? - Fernando

[Note: Of course they would Fernando, many people followed Hitler out of fear as well.]

73.) In Leviticus, the bible condemns homosexuality as an "abomination", giving some Christians a reason to hate, harass, torture and kill gays and even picket their funderals with " God hates fags" signs. In the same book of the bible the eating of shellfish is equally an "abomination". Are these Christians planning to go after the patrons of Red Lobster next?

[Note: Jewish Law states that eating Fish without scales is an abomination and thus the Shark is one among the list. However, sharks do have scales, Placoid scales, one of the many reasons why a shark is called a Fish.]

74.) Many Christians have argued that, if a baby dies it goes to heaven. Why then are they so against abortion? All the child is being deprived of is the opportunity to go to hell. Either that or god expects unborn fetuses to accept Jesus?

75.) If one could prove to you incontrovertibly that Jesus and God were all human fabrications would you still believe? And why? - LOGICnREASON

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Questions About God

20 years ago, I started pondering questions I had about a god, the Christian God in particular. This is a collection of questions I considered and some were questions friends sent to me as well over the years. The purpose of this list isn't to argue definitively against a god(s) existing; rather, it is a list arguing for the justification of doubt. - Reginald V. Finley Sr